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Rebuilding Your Facial Structure

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The Importance of Your Jawbone

Your jawbone’s primary purpose is to support and hold teeth in place, but it also is an important factor in determining your facial appearance. When you lose teeth, your jawbone no longer has any purpose so it naturally begins to recede due to lack of tooth root stimulation. When this occurs, it impacts surrounding teeth, causing them to possibly shift their position and throwing off your bite. Additionally, it can cause your face to change shape, typically giving patients a more sunken-in and aged appearance. What’s more, with bone loss you won’t qualify for dental implant tooth replacement since the titanium posts require adequate bone volume to hold them in place and be successful.  In order to restore this lost bone, bone grafting treatments are available to rebuild the jaw and help you regain oral function, facial appearance and allow for implants to be placed. Our dentists, Drs. Dustin and Kenneth Rabine have the experience and education necessary to provide successful bone grafting solutions.

The Reasons for Dental Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a procedure that requires specialty skill and an in-depth understanding of the mouth and jaw. Drs. Rabine have proven themselves excellent at rebuilding lost, damaged or deteriorated bone in a variety of instances to get patients back on the path towards ideal oral health. By taking a small sample of bone from you, or from a donor source, we will convert it into sand-like granules that are placed at the site of bone loss. Once this bone graft heals, it will have fused with your existing bone and created a strong, supportive foundation.

Benefits of bone grafting:

  • Adequate support for dental implants to be placed
  • Rebuilds natural contours for the face and jaw
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  • Adds strength to the jawbone
  • Prevents teeth from shifting into deteriorated space

All-Inclusive Implant and Dental Care

Our Shelton, CT location can provide dental bone grafts for a variety of conditions. In some cases, you may require a dental bone graft procedure immediately after a tooth extraction or to prepare you for dental implants after having had missing teeth for some time. Common bone graft treatments include ridge augmentation, socket preservation and sinus lift surgery. Speaking with our skilled dentists can help determine what solution would be best for your needs. We are proud to offer comprehensive care in one location so you don’t have to spend extra time, effort and money visiting multiple doctors just to complete your treatment process.

Don’t Let Bone Loss Affect Your Smile.

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