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Your Mouth Should Never Cause You Discomfort

Many people talk about tooth pain as if it is a normal occurrence. But the truth is, any kind of oral pain is a signal that something is very wrong! When a tooth becomes infected, decay and bacteria penetrate through the enamel and into the tooth structure itself. This will lead to tooth pain or discomfort, and if left untreated, you will risk losing your tooth or the infection spreading to other teeth and parts of your body! Drs. Dustin and Kenneth Rabine offer root canal treatment to cleanse infection from within teeth and save your smile. Contrary to popular belief, our root canal treatments are not painful—they relieve you of tooth pain. We can return your infected tooth to normal function, keeping both the inside and outside healthy.

Symptoms of a Tooth Infection

Not sure if your tooth pain is caused by an infection? The following are some of the common symptoms patients experience when they may need root canal treatment. If you’re still unsure, we recommend you come in for a consultation and examination with our team. Some patients wrongly believe they need to have a tooth extracted to end their tooth pain, but after a quick examination, we often find that a root canal will end their discomfort and save their tooth at the same time!


  • Constant tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Recurring fever
  • Swollen face or cheek
  • Dark spots on the surface of teeth
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Our Gentle Root Canal Process

Both our doctors are experienced at providing root canal treatments and can do so with compassion and a gentle touch. We always begin by numbing the area around your tooth and even offer nitrous oxide sedation to help with anxiety. We will then gently access the interior of your tooth and use specialized tools to remove all the infected tissue found within. After reshaping the tooth roots from within, we use a biocompatible material called gutta-percha to fill the empty area and restore structure to the tooth. In order to protect the tooth after treatment, a natural-looking dental crown is placed that will allow you to have a fully functional tooth again. With proper oral care, a tooth treated by a root canal can still last you the rest of your life without further issue!

Don’t Let Tooth Pain Rule Your Life.

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