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Unbearable Tooth Pain?

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Tooth Extractions Only When Necessary

Does your tooth or mouth hurt every time you take a bite, drink a cold or hot beverage or just constantly ache? Tooth pain can be one of the most unbearable feelings people experience and it is a signal that something is wrong with your mouth. Our dentists, Drs. Dustin and Kenneth Rabine always try to save your teeth first and foremost when you are experiencing a toothache, but if you have a badly broken tooth, rotten tooth, or other extreme condition, we may have to perform a tooth extraction. While this may sound scary, tooth extractions can relieve you almost immediately of excessive pain and prevent any spreading of infection or damage to the surrounding oral structure. Best of all, our dentists are skilled and gentle in the procedure, using local anesthetic to numb your mouth so you only feel a slight pressure while you have a tooth removed.

Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extraction

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  • Crowded teeth
  • Preparation for dental implants

Tooth Replacement Options for Your Smile

We understand that once you have a tooth extracted, you will want to replace that gap in your smile. Nobody wants to live with an incomplete or embarrassing smile! Our Shelton, CT office offers two effective solutions for missing or extracted teeth. The first and best option is a dental implant. Implants mimic natural teeth, including the tooth root below the gumline and crown above. This option can last you a lifetime with proper care and preserves your oral health as well. Both our dentists are experienced in placement and restoration, giving you complete care in one convenient location! For patients not ready to have dental implants placed, we also offer dental bridges. These require us to carefully shave down your teeth adjacent to the gap and fit you with a bridge consisting of three or more crowns. While bridges look natural, cover the gap and allow you to eat normally again, they require damaging healthy teeth and do not promote bone growth, causing further damage in the long run. Schedule a private consultation with our team to discover which option is best for you!

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