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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The ability to eat your favorite foods, speak clearly and smile with confidence is something that most people find priceless. But when you are living with missing or failing teeth, this can often be a challenge, so many patients seek out dental implants. One of the most common questions we hear about dental implants is, “What is this going to cost me?” We fully understand that finances and affordability is important, but the truth is that the cost of dental implants is as unique to each patient as their smile is unique to only them. In order to get a good estimation of your overall cost, we recommend you come into our Shelton, CT office for a private consultation to discuss your needs and smile goals. Once we better understand you and your health, we can give you an estimated cost and help you find ways to make your dream smile affordable!

Considerations that Affect Dental Implant Cost

Tooth Extraction

When you have failing teeth, we will need to extract  them before placing the dental implants in their place. Each tooth that we need to extract can affect the overall cost, but leaving infected, broken or damaged teeth in your mouth can cause serious health concerns! We are always gentle in our extractions and can easily remove them with minimal impact to your jaw.

Bone Grafting

For those who have had missing teeth for some time, bone deterioration occurs due to lack of tooth root stimulation. However, to replace this tooth with a dental implant, we must have enough bone to properly support it. Bone grafting allows us to rebuild the lost bone tissue and get you qualified for dental implants.

Number of Teeth to Replace

The more teeth you need to replace the higher the overall cost of your dental implant case will be. However, we don’t have to replace your teeth one for one. With implant supported denture we can replace all your teeth with as few as just two implants attached to a denture!

Gum Disease Treatment

Dental implant surgery requires a healthy oral environment, and gum disease is a common concern for many patients. We are skilled at gentle laser gum disease treatment to get your mouth, gums and overall health in peak condition to begin implant surgery.

Restoration Solution

During your consultation we will discuss which restoration option is best for your smile. Individual dental implants only require a simple crown, but implant supported bridges require multiple dental implants and a bridge of crowns. Finally, implant supported dentures are the most costly, but they can replace all your teeth!


We know that dental implants can have a dramatic effect on your oral health, your overall health and your self-confidence. That’s why we help in any way we can to also have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. We offer financing options through CareCredit® and other organizations to help make your healthy, functional and beautiful smile a reality.

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