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Flawed Teeth Got You Down?

Broken teeth can cause all kinds of problems for your smile and quality of life. You may experience shooting pain, trouble eating, and even infection developing if you do nothing about a broken tooth. Drs. Dustin and Kenneth Rabine encourage patients who have cracked, chipped or have broken a tooth to be evaluated right away to see if the tooth can be saved. Timely treatment after damage occurs can lead to the highest chance of you keeping your natural tooth. If the damage is too severe or infection has developed, then tooth extraction may be necessary.

Treatments for a Broken Tooth

If you have had a broken tooth for some time, you should schedule a consultation with our dentists to evaluate the health of your tooth and discover what we can do to help your smile. For those who have recently broken a tooth and are in severe pain or experiencing excessive bleeding, call us right away! We offer emergency dentistry to help get you out of pain and save your smile! Once we evaluate your condition, we will likely recommend one of the following treatments:

dental implants model

Dental Implant

  • A badly damaged tooth will likely require tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant in order to save your smile. Dental implants mimic natural teeth in both function and appearance. You will be able to chew, speak and smile with confidence, just like before you broke your tooth.
dental crown model

Dental Crown

  • If you have chipped or cracked a tooth, but the interior structure is still healthy, then a dental crown can be placed over top of the broken tooth. Dental crowns will protect the tooth from further damage, create a new structure to allow for biting and chewing and provide a natural and attractive appearance again.
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Veneers or Lumineers®

  • For teeth that have simply cosmetic imperfections due to a crack or chip, then veneers or Lumineers are an excellent option to restore the smile. Both options essentially mask imperfections by covering them with an ultra-thin shell. You can design your perfect smile as far as color, size and shape of your teeth.
root canal model

Root Canal

  • When a tooth becomes severely damaged it may have a damaged interior structure. Root canals are used to cleanse the interior of a tooth and then essentially rebuild it. With a timely root canal, we can save your tooth and get you out of pain quickly.

Smile Makeover

  • If you have suffered oral trauma and damaged many of your teeth, a smile makeover can be performed to restore your mouth to its former beauty and functional ability. Smile makeovers consist of multiple dental treatments with the end goal of creating an attractive and functional smile again.

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